Is it Harder for Females to Lose Weight?

And how to get around it?

Firstly it is actually harder for females to lose weight compared to males


Well firstly by nature tend to have higher body fat percentage which is hypothesised to be natural preparation to child bearing. Secondly females tend to weigh less which means there is less weight able to be lost in the first place – in other words a male loss 5kg which may equate to 5% of his bodyweight as opposed to females who if they lost 5% of their bodyweight it may equate to 2kg. Thirdly females burn less calories on day to day basis because they weightless and have less muscle mass. Lastly females are much more prone to hormonal fluctuations which often causes added weight due to water retention.

So if you’re a females how to approach your fat loss goals?

Firstly prioritise protein in your calorie consumption which helps increase your bodies Thermic Effect of Food which is the calories burnt from eating. Secondly your have been very precise with calorie consumption – food labels have a 15% discrepancy which can cause issues with consuming the correct amount of calories.
Thirdly females tend to incur less fatigue from training therefore females have more ability to train more which enables females burn more calories as a result. Lastly make to perform measurement checks when ovulation isn’t occurring so that you don’t get discouraged from steady weight loss.