Yes, we have time based exercises that cater for everyone- from the first timer to the experienced athletes. Plus our coaches are always here to help, so you’ll never feel lost or out of place.

Yes – We have a large variety of meal plans (including vegan & vegetarian options) these have been designed for us from an experienced dietitian Mark Robinson. We also work closely with you on eating habits and any possible triggers that have stopped you from losing weight in the past. We will go above and beyond to ensure you stop yo-yo dieting to get lifelong results.

We have a variety of classes and packages to suit everyone from large group classes to personal training. Our training packages vary based on the number of sessions you can do each week, the style of training you enjoy most, and the level of accountability you need to get the best results! Prices start at $49 per week.

Our team training program has a large variety of classes each week. Including High Intensity Interval Training, Strength focused circuits, muscular endurance circuits and also boxing.

Our Lean and Strong program focuses on technical lifting in small classes, it’s a more semi-private style of training. It’s a four day a week program perfectly designed for the ultimate body transformation. It combines both compound strength movements, accessory work, and metabolic conditioning finishers.

Of course – we have a huge focus on making sure everyone feels welcome. Movement District is a real non-intimidating environment, every single staff member will go above and beyond to make sure you have a safe and fun experience and we are proud to say our gym members are absolute legends to – definitely no egos! 

We coach you in the classes but also outside of the gym too. We make sure we get to know you and your lifestyle habits. Our members get a dedicated coach to help them every step of the way, firstly we set a plan together and then support you to follow it. 

Yes- we will ensure you get held accountable as much as you want and need. It comes by fortnightly contact, tracking your eating habits and the amount of training you’ve been doing.  

We have plenty –  all of our gyms have lots of parking located within a 2 minute walk to the facility.