5 Methods to Preventing Binge Eating

1. Eat more protein. Protein keeps your fuller for longer and prevents the physiological possibility of just eating and eating without physically feeling full

2. Portion and time control foods you would normally binge. So if you normally binge on a particular foods Tim Tams try have a pre-determined amount (packaged) in different circumstances (time/location) as you would usually binge

3. Eat in public with friends – most binging occurs in secrecy. Try make It a rule to eat with friends and practise open eating behaviour

4. Don’t label foods in a negative connotation meaning don’t disallow yourself to have foods you binge. If you strictly disallow certain foods you tend to crave what you can’t have

5. Do not mindlessly eat meaning don’t eat and watch TV or eat and read a book as your mind tends to not register that you consuming calories