What to expect with your Personal Trainer at Movement District

When you begin training at Movement District we aim to create the correct a pleasant experience whilst directly working towards your goal.

We specialise in the following areas of fitness

• Fat Loss
• Muscle Building
• Strength
• Rehabilitation
• Fit Over 50’s Strength Classes

Fat Loss
Our Signature 12 Week Transformation program has proven to have helped numerous men and women over the course of 12 weeks completely change their body composition. Our coach’s will ensure your Diet, Weights Training, Exercise Regime are all in the correct amount whilst you being held accountable.

Muscle Building
If you’re someone who wants to build muscle, put on weight and feel more dense as a whole – this will be the option for you. Your trainer will show you the compound lifts, how to increase your work capacity and how aggressively you can increase your calories to gain mass.

Gaining strength safely involves having a structured approach with considerations on each of the compound lifts which is where you will gain the most strength. Strength is achieved over long periods of time done with the right technique.

Lower back pain, shoulder and knees injuries are common injuries we tend to deal with. Our team consists of Exercise Physiologist which help the transition back into full fitness. We have a step-by-step guideline which we follow to ensure you’re not returning too early whilst we strengthening the right muscles.

Fit Over 50’s Strength Classes
The Fit Over 50’s Class intertwines Strength training to help maintain independence and common rehabilitation exercises to prevent injury from happening. We ensure we make the class maintainable for all fitness levels.