What is the best form of Cardio and why?

If you like cardio – generally you really like cardio exercise but there if some considerations you may need to consider for your body type, goal and training age

In terms of effectiveness – there three main considerations. Firstly is the body engaging the upper and lower body because we burn more calories by both using arms and legs. Secondly what’s the possibility of the person being able to work harder on that exercise and can the person work harder without causing unneccessaery wear and tear the body. My top 5

1. Assault Bike: Both your upper and lower limbs are working against force, provides the hardest form of resistance and is super safe because no hard striking

2. Swimming: Again both upper and body is working and the beauty of swimming is even if you have technique you’re not striking the pavement with your bodyweight. But most people don’t have a pool that is convenient of use

3. Road Cycling, Static Cycling: Road cycling comes before static cycling because you burn calories having to constantly readjust yourself to moving environment but cycling loses points because your upper body is fairly unactive and most people spend enough time in flexion at the desk

4. Rower>Ski Erg: Similar except the rower you use more of your legs (the bigger muscles = more energy) but most loses of points for wear and tear again it’s the repititive force on the lower back. Ski Erg mainly uses the upper body and most don’t know to hinge the hips whilst keeping arms extended above their head

5. Running: Running comes highest on enjoyment, quite high in the persons ability to work harder but loses massive points because most people are overweight, run on hard surfaces and have never been taught to run safety so it produces a lot of strain on knees and ankles.