The Fundamentals of Fatloss

Most people would like to lose some weight and the fitness industry has done a great job of identifying this and selling people complex solutions and or easy to fix solutions that don’t have any scientific backing.

Fat Loss is driven solely by in a caloric deficit.

A calorie deficit is achieved by less calories than your body uses over prolonged periods of time.

A calorie deficit can be achieved through two primary methods which are

1. Decreasing how much calories an individual consumes
2. Increasing how caloric output

Within both these two primary methods there are numerous ways to manipulate factors to get a faster result or aa slower and easier approach.

Let’s start with the more decisive factor which is decreasing the amount of calories consumed which can be looked at with more detail.
Decreasing calories simply put is eating less but here are 5 methods you can use to compliment this process

1. Eating High Protein Foods
2. Not consuming liquid calories
3. Eating Foods high in Fibre
4. Manipulating macronutrients in your best favour
5. Supplementation

Now let’s cover increasing your caloric output.
Increasing your caloric output can be divided into 4 components

1. Cardio
2. Weights
3. Walking
4. Sleep

Once you’re able to identify what are the key determinants that drive a caloric deficit and caloric output you can learn to manipulate different aspects to achieve continual Fatloss

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