The Benefits of Strength Training

The Benefits of Strength Training is well researched and documented however it can still be daunting to new comers this article will hopefully educate why we believe resistance training should be a non-negotiable in your life.

1. Firstly strength training makes you stronger and which translate to most part of your life from carrying groceries, playing with your children/grand children and day to day energy levels.

2. Decrease abdominal fat and fat in general
Fat stored about the abdomen is often associated with a myriad of health risks including diabetes, heart disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver and some cancer.

3. Prevention of falls
As we age we lose balance coupled with our bones becoming more brittle a fall is a relatively common cause of a broken femur which may have terminal implications for older people.

4. Increased Self Esteem
Strength training often is intertwined with working towards a goal which involves physical effort, overcoming challenges resulting in increasing one physical self worth.

5. Increases your Bone Mineral Density
Correct weight bearing activities including strength training place healthy stress on your bone and as a result your bones become more firm and strong preventing yourself from getting injured.

6. Improved Mental Health
Regular weights training has been shown to improve your mood and overall mental health lowering the chance of mental health issues.

7. Increase muscle mass
The longer you lift weights generally speaking the more muscle mass you will accure. As a result of more muscle mass you will find it easier to lose body fat and because your body will have a higher metabolism and there be easier for you to create a caloric deficit and lose fat.

8. Healthy Blood Sugar Level
Lifting weights has shown to be increased insulin sensitivity which will lower your chance of getting diabetes. Again the how much muscle you have in relation to how much fat tissue you have will be a determining factor to how well you be able to metabolism carbohydrates.