Our 3 Key Fat Loss Metric

Unfortunately people tend to begin their fat loss journey without clear methods to increase and decrease so therefore when they begin to plateau they don’t know what to manipulate to ensure continual Fat Loss.

So here are our 3 Key Fat Loss Metric and some considerations

1. Calories

The best way to find the right amount of calories to lose weight is by using which provides a clear figure out how many calories you should be to lose weight. Your age, height and weight are taken in consideration.
We suggest eating as much as possible whilst still losing weight and this generally more enjoyable and improves adherence.

2. NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis)

This is basically how many calories you burn throughout the day without planned exercise which includes fidgeting, getting up off the chair and day to day tasks. This is generally difficult to quantify so we suggest setting a goal of how many steps per day you need to do so you have a baseline of what needs to be done which can then increased or decreased.

3. EAT (Exercise Activity Thermogenic)

EAT on the other hand is planned exercise which is further sub divided into weights and cardio. You should also consider do you need to alternate between a hypertrophy and strength phases for your weights. And your cardio considerations should be length of time, mode and intensity.