NDIS Exercise Physiology for People with Disability

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Mobile NDIS Exercise Physiology – Our Team Comes to Your Location!

      Movement District’s dedicated team of certified Exercise Physiologists extends support to individuals with disabilities across Sydney, enhancing their well-being, functionality, and overall quality of life. Whether your aim is to enhance mobility and fitness, seek assistance post-injury or surgery, or embark on a journey to better mental health, our seasoned exercise physiology professionals are here to lend a hand.

      Acknowledging the unique requirements of each person, we work closely alongside you to create a personalized treatment plan that aligns with your distinct objectives and priorities. Our NDIS exercise physiology program strives to offer top-tier services tailored to your specific needs.

      Our mobile clinical exercise physiologists cater to your location of choice, be it your residence, workplace, or a preferred local facility such as a day program, school, gym, park, or pool.

      At Movement District, our expertise lies in the realm of disability, enabling us to support individuals living with conditions like autism, intellectual disability, mental health challenges, and neurological disorders on a daily basis.

      With no waiting periods or additional travel costs, selecting our services ensures that you maximize the utility of your NDIS funding.

      What are the benefits from Exercise Physiology?

      Exercise physiology is centered around enhancing your physical capabilities, enabling greater independence and active engagement in various activities at home, school, work, and within your community.

      Movement District Accredited Exercise Physiologists are university-educated healthcare experts with the knowledge and experience required to create and implement effective exercise physiology regimens tailored to individuals with disabilities.

      An NDIS-accredited exercise physiologist plays a pivotal role in evaluating your existing level of functioning and crafting customized exercise interventions designed to address your specific requirements.

      Specific goals we look to improve through Exercise Physiology 

      •  Enhance your physical fitness and stamina
      •  Enhance your manual dexterity and coordination
      •  Develop strength and flexibility
      •  Enhance your range of motion and stability
      •  Alleviate spasticity and contractures
      • Enhance your body posture
      • Improve the quality of your sleep
      • Alleviate symptoms of anxiety and/or depression
      •  Establish a consistent physical activity regimen to support you as you age
      • Mitigate or manage discomfort
      • Enhance your metabolic health, including improved diabetes management

      Frequently Asked Questions

      During your initial consultation with us, we will thoroughly review your medical history and current lifestyle choices. This will enable us to collaboratively establish achievable goals tailored to your unique needs.

      We are deeply committed to assisting you in the most effective way, and building a personal connection with you is of utmost importance to us.

      To gain insight into your current physical condition, our exercise physiologists will conduct a series of assessments. These evaluations will measure factors such as your strength and flexibility. After a few sessions, we will reevaluate your progress to assess the impact of the exercises we’ve prescribed and the improvements you’ve achieved.

      Exercise physiologists are health professionals who specialize in the science of exercise and its effects on the human body. They play a crucial role in helping individuals improve their physical health and overall well-being. Some of the key responsibilities and activities that exercise physiologists typically perform include:  Assessment and Testing, Developing Exercise Plans and Supervision and Guidance.


      If you possess any reports or documents from your General Practitioner (GP), please bring them with you, as they will provide valuable insights into your requirements. If you are an NDIS participant, we kindly request a copy of your NDIS Plan Goals to aid in our assessment of the specific areas where you require support.

      • Exercise Physiology (0126)
      • Therapeutic Supports (0128)
      • Personal Training
      • Core Supports: Assistance with Social, Economic and Community participation
      • Capacity Building: Increased social and community participation