How to Train, Eat and Live Like Chris Hemsworth

How to Train, Eat and Live Like Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is one of the most admired actors in Hollywood, not only for his acting skills but also for his impressive physique. The Australian star has played the role of Thor, the god of thunder, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2011. It has undergone several physical transformations to portray the character.

But how does he do it? What are his secrets to staying fit, healthy and happy? In this article, we will explore Chris Hemsworth’s fitness, meals and workout routine and how you can follow his example to achieve your goals.

Chris Hemsworth’s Fitness Philosophy 

Chris Hemsworth firmly believes in the power of fitness to improve your overall well-being. He has created his fitness app called Centr, which offers personalized workout programs and meal plans from his team of world-class experts. He also recently starred in a documentary series called Limitless with Chris Hemsworth, where he travelled worldwide to explore different ways to live a longer, healthier life

According to Hemsworth, fitness is not just about looking good but also about feeling good and having fun. He enjoys various workouts, from HIIT and strength training to Pilates and yoga. He also likes challenging himself with new activities, such as surfing, boxing, and climbing. He believes that fitness should be adaptable to your lifestyle, preferences and goals. 

Hemsworth also emphasizes the importance of mental health and mindfulness. He practices meditation and sleep visualization regularly and seeks expert advice on coping with stress and anxiety. He says that finding your balance is key to living a happier life. 

Chris Hemsworth’s Meals 

Chris Hemsworth follows a diet that suits his fitness goals and body type. He is an ectomorph, which means he has a fast metabolism and a lean frame that’s why he needs to consume a lot of calories and protein to gain muscle mass and strength. He must also eat frequently throughout the day to keep his energy levels high. 

Hemsworth’s diet consists mainly of whole foods, such as lean meats, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. He avoids processed foods, refined sugars and alcohol as much as possible. He drinks plenty of water and green tea to stay hydrated and detoxified.

Hemsworth’s diet varies depending on his role and his training phase. For example, when preparing for Thor: Love and Thunder in 2021, he ate up to six meals a day, each containing about 40 grams of protein. He also increased his intake of healthy fats and complex carbohydrates to fuel his intense workouts.

Hemsworth’s diet is flexible, though. He allows himself some cheat meals once in a while, such as pizza or burgers. He says that moderation is important and that you should enjoy your food without guilt.

Chris Hemsworth’s Workout Routine 

Chris Hemsworth’s workout routine is designed by his trainer Luke Zocchi, who is also part of his Centr app team. Zocchi has been working with Hemsworth for over a decade and has helped him achieve different looks for different roles

Zocchi’s approach is based on functional training, which uses exercises that mimic real-life movements and engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. He also incorporates bodybuilding, circuit training and cardio elements into Hemsworth’s routine. 

Hemsworth’s workout routine changes depending on his goal and his schedule. However, he usually works out six days a week for about an hour each session. He focuses on different body parts daily, such as chest and back on Monday, legs on Tuesday, arms on Wednesday, shoulders on Thursday, core on Friday, and full body on Saturday. He also does some cardio sessions to burn fat and improve his endurance

Hemsworth’s workout routine is challenging, though. He lifts heavy weights with low reps to build muscle mass and strength. He also does advanced exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, squats and deadlifts with added resistance. He says he pushes himself hard every time he trains, but he also listens to his body and rests when needed. 

How to Train, Eat and Live Like Chris Hemsworth 

Chris Hemsworth is a fitness icon who has inspired many people with his amazing physique and well-being. If you want to follow his example and achieve your own fitness goals, here are some tips you can follow: 

  • Choose a workout program that matches your goal, level and preference. You can find hundreds of workouts and recipes from experts online. 
  • Choose a diet that matches your body type, goal and preference. You can find dietician-approved meal plans that cater to different dietary requirements online. 
  • Drink plenty of water and green tea and avoid alcohol and sugary drinks as much as possible. 
  • Allow yourself some cheat meals occasionally but stay moderate. Moderation is key. 
  • Practice meditation and sleep visualization regularly to calm your mind and improve your sleep quality. You can find meditations and sleep visualizations from special guests such as Taika Waititi online. 
  • Seek advice from experts and professionals on how to cope with stress and anxiety. You can find up-to-date health and fitness advice from Chris Hemsworth’s team online. 
  • Have fun and enjoy your fitness journey. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but don’t be too easy. Challenge yourself with new activities and goals but listen to your body and rest when needed. 

If you follow these tips, you will be well on your way to training, eating and living like Chris Hemsworth. You might not become a god of thunder. Still, you will become a healthier, happier and more confident version of yourself. Good on ya, mate! 

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