How to avoid getting injured whilst getting stronger

Poor technique, wrong exercise selection or too much load are common reasons people become injured in a gym. Whilst human error is evitable we also acknowledge getting injuried can have a myriad of negative consequences to an individual’s goal and health as a whole.

Therefore we at Movement District implement strategies so we can minimise chance of unnecessary injury.

Firstly we conduct a casual yet intentional initial consultation which involves both a verbal component and physical component where we as professionals can gauge what strength exercise you will benefit from the most and cardio exercise if need be.

Secondly we program low impact cardio exercise as opposed to high impact cardio exercises as we acknowledge the most people tend to be overweight or haven’t been trained how to run correctly.

Your weight selection is based from your initial consultation so we know how much weight you should be lifting and we also progress the weight your lifting in a conservative manner avoiding unnecessary jumps in lifts.

Lastly we train all staff on dealing with common injuries such as lower back pain, shoulder pain and knee issues therefore we are all well versed and prepared for common issues faced.