How Oliveira Trains, Eats and Recovers Like a Champ

How Oliveira Trains, Eats and Recovers Like a Champ

The Fitness Secrets of the UFC Lightweight Champion

Charles Oliveira is one of the most dominant fighters in the UFC today. He holds the record for the most submissions in UFC history. He is the current lightweight champion after defeating Michael Chandler at UFC 262. But what does it take to be a champion like Oliveira? How does he train, eat and recover to maintain his peak performance? In this article, we will explore some of the fitness secrets of Charles Oliveira based on his interviews, videos and social media posts.


Oliveira trains at Chute Boxe Diego Lima, a renowned MMA gym in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He is coached by Diego Lima, a former fighter and the brother of Bellator welterweight champion Douglas Lima. Oliveira’s training regimen consists of striking, grappling, wrestling, conditioning and sparring sessions. He usually trains twice daily, six days a week, with Sundays off.

According to a video by Fitness Films1, Oliveira’s striking training involves various drills with pads, bags and partners. He works on his boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai skills, focusing on speed, power, accuracy and combinations. He also practices his elbows, knees and clinches work, which are essential for MMA.

Oliveira’s grappling training includes Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), judo and wrestling. He is a black belt in BJJ under Jorge Patino and has won several tournaments. Oliveira trains with high-level grapplers at his gym, such as former UFC fighter Antonio Braga Neto and BJJ world champion Isaque Bahiense. He drills his takedowns, transitions, submissions and escapes, as well as his ground-and-pound and defence.

Oliveira’s wrestling training is led by Eric Albarracin, a former US Army wrestler and the coach of several UFC stars, such as Henry Cejudo and Paulo Costa. Oliveira works on his wrestling fundamentals, such as stance, movement, shots and sprawls. He also learns how to blend his wrestling with his striking and grappling, creating seamless transitions between phases.

Oliveira’s conditioning training is designed to improve his strength, endurance, explosiveness and agility. He exercises with weights, kettlebells, bands, ropes and medicine balls. Oliveira’s also does plyometrics, callisthenics, sprints and circuits. He sometimes trains outdoors, running on hills or sand dunes.

Oliveira puts everything together and tests his skills against live opponents in his sparring training. He spars with different fighters at his gym or other gyms, simulating real fight scenarios. Oliveira wears protective gear, such as gloves, shin guards and headgear, to prevent injuries. He spars with different rulesets, such as MMA, kickboxing or BJJ.


Oliveira follows a strict diet to fuel his body and cut weight for his fights. He eats mostly natural and organic foods, avoiding processed and junk foods. He consumes a balanced amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Oliveira drinks plenty of water and avoids alcohol and soda.

According to an interview with MMA Fighting2, Oliveira eats six meals daily when preparing for a fight. His typical daily menu looks something like this:

Breakfast: Oatmeal with fruits and nuts

Snack: Protein shake

Lunch: Chicken breast with rice and salad

Snack: Yogurt with granola

Dinner: Fish with potatoes and vegetables

Snack: Cottage cheese with honey

Oliveira also takes some supplements to enhance his performance and recovery. He uses whey protein, creatine, BCAA (branched-chain amino acids), glutamine and multivitamins.

Oliveira cuts weight gradually before his fights to reach the lightweight limit of 155 pounds. He reduces his calorie intake and increases his water intake in the weeks leading up to the weigh-ins. He also uses sauna sessions and sweat suits to shed the last few pounds.


Oliveira understands the importance of recovery for his health and performance. He cares for his body by resting properly between training sessions and getting enough sleep at night. He also uses various methods to speed up his recovery and prevent injuries.

Some of the recovery methods that Oliveira uses are:

Massage Therapy: Oliveira gets massages regularly to relax his muscles and improve blood circulation.

Cryotherapy: Oliveira exposes his body to frigid temperatures for a few minutes to reduce inflammation and pain.

Ice Baths: Oliveira submerges himself in cold water for 10 to 15 minutes to cool down his body temperature and relieve his soreness.

Compression Garments: Oliveira wears compression shorts or leggings to compress his muscles and enhance blood flow.

Foam Rolling: Oliveira rolls a foam roller over his muscles to release tension and knots.

Stretching: Oliveira stretches his muscles before and after training to improve his flexibility and mobility.


Charles Oliveira is a remarkable fighter with great success in the UFC. He has a dedicated and disciplined approach to his fitness, which allows him to perform at his best. Charles Oliveira trains hard, eats well and recovers smartly, following a comprehensive and holistic fitness program. He inspires anyone who wants to improve their fitness and achieve their goals.

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