Beginning Training Later in Life

It’s never too late to begin training or work towards a more defined body to be proud of at the beach or begin training just to feel better, have more drive and more energy for life however you don’t want to overdo it or worse get injured.

Unfortunately, we as age Sarcopenia occurs which is the natural loss of muscle mass and strength. That’s why exercise and particularly strength training is so beneficial to us.

Strength training is the single most effective activity we can do to reverse this process and increase our muscle mass. How it actually works from a physiological perspective is we break muscle fibres from the load of lifting weights and build more muscle cells.

If you’re new to training we recommend beginning with full body training protocol as this method will allow a beginner to get the most bang for your buck for your time.

And the best way to program weights for the each muscle group is to tick off the 6 primary movement patterns and we also provide

1. Vertical Push Movement (Shoulder Press with Dumbbells
2. Vertical Pull Movement (Lat Pull Down)
3. Horizontal Push Movement (Push Up)
4. Horizontal Pull Movement (Seated Cable Row)
5. Hip Dominant Movement (Single Leg Deadlift)
6. Quad Dominant Movement (Static Lunge)

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