Have you ever felt like you were unsure if you were learning the correct technique in a bigger class setting?

Or maybe you have been injured in a larger whilst training?

Or want to ensure success in optimising your strength or fitness according to your body?

Small Group Training is something you may want to consider as we structure the exercises according to 3 key factors.

  1. Best practise
  2. Prevention of injury whilst strengthening muscles, joints and bones.
  3. Individualisation

Let’s dive deeper into our 3 key factors.

Best Practise

At Movement District, we are constantly learning new information and updates within our industry to make sure our clients are being provided with modern and proven methods to achieve whatever goal they may have. Compound strength exercises, isolated exercise, and periodisation all factored in training our clients.

Prevention of Injury whilst still strengthening muscles, joints and bones

Improving strength or performing strength exercises is often believed to contribute to injury and unnecessary pain. We are extremely passionate about helping you become the best athlete you can be whilst performing all exercises to the best of your ability.


We make sure to make sure to cater our exercises, intensity of exercise and cardio choices according to your ability and goal. As a result, we have made numerous programs that do just that including our

  • Mature Training Program
  • 12 Week Transformation Program
  • 6 Week Introduction Program

If want to enquire or have a friendly chat with one of our coaches please come to this page to provide your details and expect a call within the next 15min