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Fat in unwanted areas, not as tight around the arms and not knowing where to start can be frustrating especially when you’re not 20 anymore..

Losing Weight, Minimising unwanted areas and performing the most effective exercises is what we have tertiary and practical experience in…


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before and after condition of Tvrtko
after and before
before and after condition of taking fitness program


Movement District is a great little gym, the guys who run it are genuinely lovely. I’m not into the regular gym scene but I love this place, and always feel great after a session.


1st star

Absolutely love this place . I lost 11kgs in my first 12 weeks and have kept at my ideal weight and fitness level since. Quit my old gym membership and haven’t looked back


2nd star

After trying a few different trainers I landed on Luke. In addition to getting me the results I wanted to tone up and learn to lift weights he is the ultimate professional and expert in his field


3 rd star

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  • 24/7 Access to Staff
  • Accomodating Timetable
  • Small Air Conditioned Studio
  • Complimentary Water
  • Weekly Accountability
  • Initial Individual Consultation
  • Personalised Diet Guide
  • 40 High Protein Recipes
  • 40 Low Carb Recipes
  • 12 Dieting Hacks Pdf
  • 10 High Protein/ Low Carb Pdf

Frequently asked question (FAQ’S)

Can I do the 12 Week Transformation Online

Yes our program can also be done Online

Do I need to sign a contract?

No we don’t ask any form of Contract

Do you work with people with no fitness background?

Yes we work with all types of fitness levels